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Chapter 7

A Knowledgeable Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Helps You Overcome Debt

We have the knowledge you need to make a financial recovery

If you find yourself facing massive debt, you should know that you have options to avoid high interest rates and aggressive bill collectors. With the help of Sharp-Hundley, P.C. , you can eliminate your debt and get a fresh financial start. Our attorneys have a reputation for professional, thorough service in the process built on 39 years of providing outstanding counsel to citizens of Jefferson County. Our paralegals work directly with you to keep your legal costs low, but you always have access to top lawyers when you have questions or concerns. Trust in a law firm that even major bank chains come to for representation.

A Mt. Vernon Chapter 7 attorney helps you avoid future debt problems

There is a common misconception that people who file for are careless with their money, but that’s rarely the case. Many unforeseen financial circumstances lead to filing, such as sudden loss of employment, unexpected medical expenses, high interest rates or the necessity suddenly to care for an elderly relative. Whereas fiscal irresponsibility is a potential cause for , it’s not accurate to suggest that it’s the sole or even the major reason people need to file for Chapter 7.

At Sharp-Hundley, P.C. , our attorneys, and paralegals have a thorough understanding of law, and we are committed to giving you the assistance you need to move forward. Work with a Jefferson County lawyer to get:

  • Debt relief. The point of filing for is to grant yourself relief from your debts. Our assistance allows you to put a stop to creditor harassment and work toward a debt-free future.
  • Financial advising. We assist you by assessing your past choices and offering suggestions to avoid making those same mistakes.
  • Peace of mind. The comfort that comes from working with a team of true legal professionals cannot be understated. Our team represents you competently in court to give you your best chance at success.

Contact a Jefferson County attorney today

The process may be complex, but choosing a lawyer shouldn't be. Call Sharp-Hundley, P.C. today at 618-242-0200 or contact us online to schedule a consultation and begin discussing your Chapter 7 options. We serve clients throughout the state of Illinois.