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Chapter 13

Trusted Southern Illinois Bankruptcy Lawyers Help You File for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Working to address your major debts

Loan payments, mortgages and other bills can pile up quickly, digging you into such a deep financial hole that you don’t know how you’ll ever climb out. However, you do have options, as Sharp-Hundley, P.C. can help you to file for Chapter 13 , which may grant you relief from your debts. Founded in 1973, our firm has a reputation for diligence and integrity in our approach to the law. Come to the team that other attorneys recommend to receive effective and reputable counsel for .

Mt. Vernon attorneys understand the financial challenges

In some forms of , you are subject to the loss of your home or property. One of the major benefits of Chapter 13 is that you can get rid of most of your debts while retaining your property. You can work with a Jefferson County lawyer to reorganize your finances and create a personal repayment plan. Such a plan, put into writing and approved by the court, allows you to pay off your debts to your creditors over the course of three to five years. This form of works for financial problems involving:

  • Mortgages
  • Lawsuits
  • Foreclosure
  • Vehicle loans
  • Payday loans
  • High interest loans

Pros and cons of Chapter 13

In the Chapter 13 process, you fund your repayment plan through your own income. Creditors may not pursue your property, and they get less money because the high interest payments stop. But then working with a Jefferson County attorney, you pay off your debts more quickly, which is beneficial to your creditors.

While we at Sharp-Hundley, P.C. will also investigate other alternatives, Chapter 13 does provide a variety of benefits. You are more likely to hold on to your possessions, you escape the heaviest interest rates on your loans, and you work directly with our experienced attorneys to receive straightforward financial guidance that shows you a path to financial recovery.

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